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Beyond Samba: Brazilian Praise Music

by Michele Lipori

by Michele Lipori. Confronti Editorial Staff

Christian praise music and gospel music arrived in Brazil around the 1960s with the mediation of American missionaries who translated the hymns used in their churches into Portuguese. From the late 1960s the first openly Christian singers and musical groups emerged, but gospel music became extremely popular in Brazil in the late 1990s, thanks to bands such as Diante do Trono and their leader, singer Ana Paula Valadão, who is tied to the Baptist Church of Lagoinha (Igreja Batista da Lagoinha) a Baptist-charismatic megachurch based in Belo Horizonte.

Diante do Trono are one of the best known and most famous Christian music worship bands in Brazil and in the world, with over 15 million albums sold and over 32 awards received.In 2003, for the presentation of their album Quero Me Apaixonar, 2 million people were present at the airport of Sao Paulo. It was the largest concert in the world for a Christian event and the second ever in Brazil, surpassed only by the Rock in Rio festival whose editions were attended by the most famous bands and artists of the international music scene.

Their music, like that of other Christian music worship bands, is influenced by contemporary American pop music.

DJ Alpiste

Considered the first evangelical rapper of São Paulo

Pregador Luo

Stage name of Luciano dos Santos Souza, born in 1976. He was among the first to combine rap / hip-hop music with the themes of gospel music. Último Dia is the single released with his group Apocalipse 16.


Former member of the now disbanded group Shekinah Rap, he embarked on a solo career by signing for Universal Music Christian Group. Cristo Sarau is the first single with this label.

Samuel Shikoba

With the publication of Agape in 2018, he is one of the most promising producers of Christian trap music.

Brunno Ramos

In his lyrics the rapper talks about what it means to be black in the Brazilian suburbs, about the dreams and hopes of his generation, and how faith helps him along his path.

Yas Werneck

One of the most important rappers in Brazil, she mixes typical sounds of the genre with electronic music. Her song Coméki was included in the Nike-sponsored Neymar Jr. Mixtape, celebrating the Brazilian professional footballer Neymar Jr. 

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Michele Lipori

Michele Lipori

Confronti Editorial Staff

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